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The neutrality of this article is disputed.

Clan rHrN is infamous amongst bunnies for extremely "uncoordinated" RPing and a character named Troop3r - pronounced "trooper" by some and "troopthreer" by others due to differing perceptions of how a name containing a number should be pronounced - who he tries to stick into everything (including EGS itself, with Troop3r being Grace's old boyfriend even though this would completely screw up her and her brothers' established history).

Clan is remarkable in that, while he's claimed to be trying to improve, the only area in which he's "improved" has been the fact that he no longer randomly posts in RPs he isn't in and hasn't made the slightest attempt to join through normal channels. His actual RPing skills are still appalling, and he is either unwilling or unable to change. However, he has one advantage over most other posters at his level of RPing skill: he doesn't abuse the English language.

He explains his behaviour as a symptom of his Asperger's Syndrome. Whether Clan really has Asperger's or not (and, if he does, whether he was actually diagnosed by a mental health professional or just read about it somewhere and thought it sounded like him), there are other bunnies with Asperger's who are as capable as any other of RPing well and interacting with the Mayhem community in a way that doesn't drive them bonkers.

In recent times, he seems to have faded away save for continuing to post, much to others' annoyance, in the EGS Town RP.


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